terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

sob a lua minguante

no quarto escuro,
iluminado apenas pela lua,
dessa vez minguante
e não cheia

lua que quase não iluminava..
somente quebrava aquele breu

a menina,
ás vezes tão mulher,
agora era apenas
uma indefesa menina
uma criança perdida,
um bebê sem colo..

sozinha, como sempre fora
por que pensara que dessa vez havia de ser diferente?
nada mudou, querida..

boba que só ela,
nem sozinha
tirava sua pose de durona,
nem a lua minguante podia ver suas fraquezas...

já nem sabia o que queria
e começou a escrever
buscando no papel uma resposta
uma resposta que estava dentro dela
mas que doía consultar..

5 comentários:

  1. I really liked this poem - cause it is very good, because it is different, and cause I like sad songs/poems.. :-) It is different from what you normally write. Often there is something sad in what you write, but mixed with humour, or resignation and moving on. Here, it is much more raw, you are exposing your wounds very directly here.. and they really seem to hurt. I love the imagery, the half moon, the dark room, and your descriptions of yourself. It is funny I think you talk about yourself more deeply here than in other poems, about fears (or feelings you hide) - sozinha, como sempre fora/ por que pensara que dessa vez havia de ser diferente? nada mudou, querida.. - I understand these feelings, too well.. but you do know you are never alone. And there is nothing boba about you.. :-) As I said it is a beautiful and very sad poem, but I really like it. You have to tell me more about it. And, as usual, if I can help, you know where to find me. Don't be afriad of your weaknesses, discover them, find them out, that is the battle.. then write about them and you can soemhow exorcise them and overcome them. So keep writing and I will keep reading and encouraging you. I want to read more poems!

  2. First. melhoras, get better soon!!!
    Second, I came across this last night. I listened and loved the songs - which I think may have originally been poems, if not they certainly sound like poems put to music. They made me think of your work.. Quem sabe, um dia :-)
    Listen and enjoy and write some more soon

  3. The link didnt work :-( It is on my Facebook, or just copy and paste it and it should do!

    I really love this poem... it is different as I said, sadder, almost desperate. You have to tell me about it when you can.

  4. I am posting on this one again. You promised to tell me the story, but haven´t yet (lack of time, our old enemy, I presume). Like Louca Miseravel, it is at odds with your newest stuff... I think I can read and understand you more than most, but this is intriguing me...
    I can´t telling you again, I really love this poem, it really strikes a chord with me..

  5. I thought about posting this link on your facebook, but thought it better here. I dont know how many people know of your blog (and if you want people to know). I presume you don´t...
    Anyway, this is a link talking about new poetry. I think you should read it, cause she says interesting things about poetry and the publication of poetry. In addition, she cites some poems - here I have to be very honest and say that I think you stuff is as good as what the writer mentions.. seriously :-)
    Saudades and happy reading and writing!