terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

olhar desobediente

não consigo evitar de te olhar
sei que não devia....

mas meus olhos não me obedecem
te vejo e fico imóvel
fitando você,
me diz o que é isso?

que ímã é esse
que nasceu de sei lá onde
e me puxa pra você?

3 comentários:

  1. Yeah! The comments are working again :-)
    New poems at last, after sooooo long ha ha ha
    I liked this one, it is short, simple and direct, but still good - and honest. You are always very good at opening yourself - and in this case your doubt, confusion, and conflict with yourself and your (unwanted) attraction to this guy, this poet. I think there may be a follow up to this poem :-)

  2. I just discovered now, that it was Dia do Poeta last week! So feliz Dia do Poeta (and you have to explain to me why not dia dos poetas, or dia de poeta.. ha ha haha). I hope this facebook picture opens properly. I was thinking about putting it on your wall, but thought it would be better here!! So I hope enjoyed your day... and more than that, I hope you know how good your poetry is (and how much I like it, and how important it is for me :-) I want to read more...