domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

nosso fim

deixo passar,
deixo estar,
deixo a saudade
ser substituída
bem aos poucos
bem lentamente
por indiferença
por ferida curada
por nada
ou por qualquer outra coisa
que não doa tanto, sabe?

sei que passa
por isso sofro calada
ignoro meus impulsos
de ir atrás de você,
de tentar consertar,
de fazer qualquer esforço

melhor assim

e a ferida já está cicatrizando
criando casca,
doendo menos..

2 comentários:

  1. Enfim, at last.. and as good as I have come to expect :-) A bit sad, bittersweet, but not desperate, there is hope 'criando casca, doendo menos'. Wounds heal, eventually, no matter how hard or deep they hurt, they heal.. I think there is courage here (and maybe resignation.. you are used to this.. or am I reading too much?) It is a short poem, but a good one. Write more soon :-)

  2. Boa noite my friend, it has been a while since I have posted you a comment. I know you are way to busy to write, but I have a feeling you need to - and think that when you do manage, several poems will burst out of you...
    I don´t know if it was by chance, but I wanted to make a comment about your poetry in general, so I looked for a poem on which I hadn´t made too many comments... (you have to write more, or I have to write less.. most seem to have 3 or 4 comments ha hahaha) and I came upon this one, which seems very appropriate considering our recent conversations - though I think you have been hurting in other ways this time... but I loved this poem, re-reading it tonight made me a little melancholic and com saudade de ti (is that right?), though I wont deixe a saudade ser substuida ha haha :-)
    Now, to what I wanted to write. I have told you many times that I can find a musicality in your poems, and think it would be interesting to hear your poems set to music (and now I am telling you again). Tonight I was going to cultura, walking along Jardim Botanico listening to music, when a song came on, Alexandre Leaving by Leonard Cohen... it is a re-working of a poem by a famous Greek-Egyptian poet
    Constantine Cavafy's 'The God Abandons Antony'. Here is a video of it
    But when I heard this I said, that is the Gabi´s poetry... I can hear your poetry in this music.. maybe I am going crazy... I thought about this more when I came home, and I remembered a beuatiful singer called Anjani (she is kind of like a English speaking Thais Gulin), she sings stuff by Leonard Cohen, there are several videos, here is one (not an official one though)
    I am terrible at finding videos on You Tube, I tend to listne to songs, so you can probably find better versions of these!!! Anyway, I can hear you poetry in these songs.. think about it :-) (Just dont tell me I am completely crazy!!!