quinta-feira, 23 de maio de 2013

te mostrar

fecha os olhos
e me deixa contar
suas pintinhas espalhadas
pelo corpo

me deixa contar
nessa meia luz
um segredo só meu
e não se assuste,
isso conta muito pra mim,
mas me ame mais logo em seguida

me deixa contar também
quantas vezes eu contei os meses,
as semanas, os dias
pra te reencontrar

e agora a gente tá aqui
e eu vou te contar,
nem caiu a ficha

então pra que contar vantagem?
prefiramos contar um com o outro
é tão simples ser feliz,
me deixa te mostrar

2 comentários:

  1. It is always a great surprise to a see a new poem of yours, especially when I wasn't expecting one.:-) But even though you didn't tell me, I had a feeling you had written something new, I don't know why, I just thought you had.
    As usual I really liked the poem.. should I stop telling you that. it was interesting, a little different. My feeling is that it is a dream in a way (though there could be an alternative reading..) It is sweet, and it feels somehow out of time, away from the world, and its caprices. Although I suspect it is more of a dream or fantasy than something that actually happened (yet), it is also happy, which makes me think that you are happy, as well. I hope so - or am I trying to read too much?
    Keep writing my friend, keep writing

  2. I am going to leave you a second comment, though this one has nothing to do with this poem - well not directly. Last night on fb you left a link to a blog talking about travel. I read the blog - and left a message on fb as well. Reading the blog, I really thought that you could if you wanted work as a travel writer. Not neccessairly for a newspaper, maybe for a travel blog, but what I was really thinking of was someone who travels, - long trips, more like adventures, and then writes books about them...I could see you doing this, travelling around France, Eastern Europe, Africa, there are loads of books of this sort, they sell well. I know for example, a few years a English guy had a huge hit with a bok called a year in provence - he went and lived there in a farmhouse and wrote about it. It was even made by the bbc into a tv series. I can really imagine you doing this.. :-) (Should I not be tempting you my friend just before an exam??? sorry).
    Keep writing, my friend, keep writing :-)