quinta-feira, 23 de maio de 2013


menina iluminada
que acorda num só pulo, sem pestanejar
e já vai direto pra cozinha

mas, em vez de comer,
abre aquelas janelas eno-o-ormes,
olha o céu, fecha os olhos, respira bem fundo,
pega seu saquinho de confetes
e começa a jogá-los na rua com aquele riso frouxo e gostoso

diz que quer enfeitar a cidade
e tirar um sorriso de meia dúzia de franceses ranzinzos

(e não é que ela consegue?)

2 comentários:

  1. I have to ask, you did do this? Adorei (o poema e o feito) ha ha ha haha ranzino = grumpy?

  2. Olá my dear friend, two comments in one day after such an absence!! This one is more for me, to quell my beating heart... I am disturbed tonight, certain things (silly things) annoyed me, upset and unbalanced me, so I have come to your blog, to your poetry to seek quite and calm.. Let me explain.. I over the last few years have probably become too solitary in my habits, not by choice, and you know how lonely it often makes me feel, but tonight I am wondering how bad this solitude and lonlieness is (despite the pain).. I had to spend several hours in a room today giving the results in cultura with the other teachers. When it is just me or one or two others, it is ok, but for about two hours it was with about ten... and it was a nightmare. I was trying to work on a translation, trying to stay calm, stay zen, but it was impossible. The conversation was so stupid, so stupid.. (There are times when talking bobbagem is great, but this was just inane petty and pathetic), the women were talking about not letting any women talk to their boyfriends/husbands, as if any woman was a threat, as if relationships were a war and their man could be robbed just like that.. that was the highpoint... I was sitting in the corner translating something about Spenserism in Brazil (the ideas are stupid and annoying, it didn't help). Ah, my friend, it made me feel almost happy to be lonely. I hate being stuck in groups like that, it just destroys me.. These days I talk only to you and about three other people, but these conversations even if they happen only once a week or month, are so much better than sitting in a group of parrots... Sometimes my friend I think this world is not for me... I don~t fit into it. A few things keep me in it, my family, your friendship, your poetry - all of these are special privileges for me, gifts in a way..amazing gifts, wonderful gifts! Anyway, writing this and readin a few of your poems has calmed me down, why do I let this silly things upset me??
    Keep writing my friend, follow your talent, your muse!!