sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

5 sentidos

embora um dia
outro qualquer,
o quarto
parece estar

a   i   n   d   a

m  a  i  s


é sexta-feira
os meus
se direcionam
para você.

seu toque,
ainda em minha pele..
- epiderme coberta
de você -

seu charme,
em forma de
ainda domina minha visão..
é tudo o que eu vejo

sua voz
com o som
do seu
fez residência
meus ouvidos
escuto vocês

seu cheiro,
já entranhado
e cabelos
- por todos
os fios - ..

seu gosto
meu paladar..
que eu
ou coma

não apaga ele de lá.

2 comentários:

  1. Yeah, a new poem...:-)
    A lovely surprise on a Saturday morning, and one that cheers me up after a very complicated week. I will leave a proper comment later, as I am kind of running (as usual these days). As usual I liked it. I think I can guess what it is about, a breakup, rather the aftermath of the breakup - and I think I know with whom.
    It is a sad poem, but not that sad, if you know what I mean. The feeling I get is that you are sad, hurting a little, not too much though. Feeling the absence of the other person, but not wanting to get back, to restart. You are moving on, suffering a little, missing him, but moving on.
    Of course, my interpretation could be compeltely wrong due to the severe sleep deprivation I have had in the last few days.. ha haha :-)

  2. When I read this poem, this morning I was so happy to see a new one, I really wanted to write something special, a really profound comment. One that would mean a lot, that could tell you how good you poetry is, what an excellent poet you were, and how important your poems are to me (and in the future to other people I hope). However, as usual the day was busy, busy, busy,... when I got a chance to look again, there was a second poem, which made me even happier (don´t laugh at me please..). Eventually, everyone was in bed, I managed to write another comment, and began to think about this one... however, it is being difficult to write, Valentine keep´s waking and coughing (I told you she was funny these days).
    So I am going to try and write something which is a little profound...
    I loved this poem when I first read it.. however, I didn´t notice the title (I can blame lack of sleep).. now when I did notice, I like it even better. I also love the fact that charm is a feeling! As a poem it is simple, I like the way the lines are so short... In these short lines, even words, you open your feelings so much, and make it feel so simple, so natural (but I know writing so concisely, so shortly is not easy). You also convey in these few words the many ways you can miss someone, the SO many ways, in so many parts of the body, physcially and mentally. But, as I said earlier, although there is a sadness in the poem, it is not depressing, there is a gentleness here, a sweetness, an acceptance. Yes there is longing, there is missing the absence of him, but you come across as less confused than in the other poem. Things are over, you are sad and a litlte hurt, and have lots of saudades, but you are still living, still breathing...
    I also liked the touch of the ainda mais vazio in bigger letters!!!
    A really great poem and I hope there will be more soon. I know you like my comments, and I hope they will always encoruage you to fight you fears and demons, and use this amazing gift you have. Write more soon..:-)