segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2012

sapatos desamarrados

abro a porta
e o tempo pára
os relógios se desligam
nossa cama
sapatos desamarrados
pelo chão
luz apagada
e ainda assim
vejo tudo!
enxergo seu rosto
com minhas mãos
meus dedos passeiam
por suas marcas
por cada pinta
uma a uma
todas as suas
e nos dividimos
e sorrisos

2 comentários:

  1. Valentina is sleeping, so I am taking the time to write a comment (cause I want and cause I have loads of annoying things to do.. this is much more fun). As I told you earlier, I liked the poem. As you said, it is fofo (or should I say fofinho, I find this word complicated to use ha ha ha) - though I prefer to say sweet and gentle, almost musical (some sort of slow blues, light rock track should perhaps be playing..?)
    It is funny, in the last comments I left, I said as if a new cycle of poetry, maybe in your life is starting), in the two new poems you seem to have agreed... or is that just coincidence.
    Another point that strikes me is the passion in the poem, a point I tried to make in my last comment, there is passion in this poem (a gentle passion for a gentle poem). I can feel it, so I presume can the other readers, I can feel the emotions, spending time - no, not spending time, cause time is somehow suspended), being with a lover, the touching, hugs, the being, all gentle, sweet and yes fofo. But all good and I can feel it all...
    I also like that it is short, the lines are very short, one word sometimes.. but in each of these words, you are conveying so much.
    Two new poems today... would a third be too much to ask for :-)

  2. I like the title :-) My inspiration/suggestion? I feel proud ha ha ha