sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

cão e gata


por vezes, um
depois do café, rivais
entre o cinema e o jantar, amigos
antes de dormir, amantes
nos domingos, namorados
às segundas, mal falamos
às terças, apaixonados
às quartas, você entrava uma briga
às quintas, inimigos
às sextas, affairs novamente
- e aos sábados?
- depende da semana..

2 comentários:

  1. Two new poems in one day.. yeah!! You are spoiling me. I hope it is the sign of more to come. I already spoke to you briefly about these poems. They seemed to me (and you confirmed) related, about the same person and the same confusing relationship. In the previous poem, it was as if you were missing him (a lot) but without too much pain, you were missing, but life was continuing (and the relationship seemed to be over), here it is more confusing.. you dont know, the reader doesnt know, maybe he doesnt know...it is confusing.
    But, and I like this, there is humour here.. you are not pitying yourself. Far from it, you are idnetifying the problem and kind of laughing at it..laughing at yourself, in a gentle way, which seems to be the best way of resolving, easing your pain.
    In addition, I think it is a sweet poem (can I say fofo??), there is affection here, love in a way, tenderness, as well as expasperation, anger, hurt and other negative emotions, but all dealt with very succintly - and as I have said often before, very bravely, as you bare (desnudar in POrtuguese, I think) yourself to the world (or at least to me for now), opening yourself, you feelings for everyone to see... and laughing gently at the silliness of it...
    A good, a great, poem.. please write more soon :-)
    PS As I said earlier, if you need to talk I am here. Friendships as special as ours are rare, I hope you know how privileged I feel to be able to read - and comment - on your poems!!

  2. I was listening to this song tonight, just before I read this poem.. after re-reading I thought that there was a connection. So (if you have time) have a listen (the video is so-so, but hte lyrics are great.. actually I dont like videos, I like to listen t music not watch ha hahaha
    Almost forgot to add the video...