quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

boa noite

nossas roupas largadas pelo chão
preguiça de levantar
uma leve ressaca gostosa do
vinho de ontem nos sobe
em pequena dor de cabeça
mesmo assim
tem prazer rondando
em tudo
encaixada entre ombro e peito nus
(pele macia)
mexo lentamente
sem abrir os olhos me sente
frente a frente
lábios com lábios
bom dia

5 comentários:

  1. My favourite!!! :-) Though now, it is more one of my favourites, though it was good to see it here...

  2. Since Google 'ate' my previous comments, I guess I have to make them again... if only I could remember what I had written :-)
    There's no much I can say about this poem. You know I like it, no love it. Both because it was the first of your poems that I read and both it is a special poem. It is different from most of your other poems, shorter.., written at a different moment. It is also romantic, capturing a moment and telling a story at the same time. And though it is very personal and honest, it describes something that many people would related to. I also like the fact you wrote it all as once sentence.. I like that touch. :-)

  3. Boa Noite my friend
    Again.. I just left you a long comment, clicked publicar, but I am tired and forgot to do the confirmation thing, so it disappeared... ANGRY FACE!!!
    I will try to write it again. I am on a break from an article about bad things and people in the ditadura, so I need some inspiration, some magic... where better to look that here, and your back catalogue.
    I could spend hours here, but I am just looking at the first poem I read of yours,and what a poem!!! It will always be one of my favourites. It is wodnerful, sweet, sexy, paints a lovely, warm and sexy picture. It is interesting to compare this with your newer stuff and to see how you have changed, developed.. but also how some themes stay the same, how you have an amazing ability to be confessional, but also to make a personal moment universal!!!
    I also wanted to say something else, something different. I read the article you linked to in fb tonihgt. It was good, but I got a feeling you could write somethign much better. The contos you write show that. Not that the article is bad, but I was trying to imagine what you would write :-)
    Keep writing, and if you have any free time, leave me some (short) comments :-)

  4. Olá my friend,
    It´s been a while since I left you a comment. I miss writing you comments ha ha ha, but I don´t want to leave you too many, you have more important things to read. Today (while I should have been writing/correcting) I came across this article about erotic poems in the Guardian. It is interesting, with links to good erotic (but not pornographic, despite the picture at the beginning of the article) poems, as well as allowing reading to leave their own, or others' poems. It was interesting to read, some good poems, some not so good. But to be honest, I really felt as if your poems could stand against anything that appeared in the blog. I mean it... (I am not saying better than, it is impossible to say that a good poem by fulano is better than another good poem by bla-bla-bla, what I mean is that they are as good as, and could appear beside them somewhere). I hope you don´t mind me comparing your poetry with an article on erotic poems ha haha Some of your poetry deals with erotic questions, but in a very personal way (and usually a very sweet way), but also universal. Reading the article made me think of you, and this poem, the first one of yours I ever read, which is still (and probably will always be) one of my favourites.
    Enjoy the article, its worth a read, as are some of the comments. Most important of all keep writing, all sorts of poems, - erotic, funny, contos, deep personal ones, etc., Keep writing

    the link:

  5. This will always be a very special poem for me, a magical poem. One cause its wonderful, it´s short but says so much - and in a amazing sexy and sweet way. Second, cause it was the first of your poems I ever read, and I still remember by reaction :-)
    now its back to work for me
    keep writing my friend, always keep writing