terça-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2013

nossa bossa

essa bossa nova ao fundo
só me lembra você me olhando
enquanto eu analisava a sua coleção de cds
e separava um ou outro
já animada pra copiar
ali na sala

você, com aquela sua camisa vermelha
e listrada
sorrindo pra mim, pleno
acho que nunca te vi tão bonito

ah! e essa camisa foi a mesma que
eu usei daquela última vez
pra abrir a porta pra você
que vinha da padaria
- tinha ido comprar pão fresco pra gente -

além do pão
me trouxe um serenata de amor
de sobremesa
do qual eu nem quis saber
já que me deliciar com você
sempre foi muito melhor
sobre a mesa ou não

então deixamos os pães pela metade ainda
você se lembra?
e ali na cozinha mesmo a gente se amou

lembro que eu tava passando requeijão no pão
e você sorriu pra mim e se levantou
pra pegar o suco de laranja
mas no caminho se achegou e beijou minha nuca

e nada mais de pão, de requeijão ou de suco
nada mais de camisa vermelha listrada

só eu e você
e o chão frio da cozinha
que em poucos segundos
já fervia com a gente

3 comentários:

  1. New poems at last!! I have missed your writing so much!!! I loved both of them. This one is great, it is (I think) about a lovely memory, somethign in the past, but it is happy (with a little touch of lonlieness perhaps), but at the same time, it is beautiful, telling a lovely story or love,of making love on the kitchen floor. I realy liked the way you tell the story, mixing it in with the description of bread, requijao, etc. It is a nice poem, with double entendre´s, erotic/sexy but sweet and funny at the same time!! Keep writing! Later I will write more, a certain little person is calling!!!

  2. At last, when a certain little person (who only fell asleep at midnight) has gone to sleep, I can write a proper comment.. the problem is she has worn me out (along wiht translating), my brain is closing down and i cant remember what I wanted to write... I´ll have to try to make sense
    As I said, I loved the poem, the images in it, and the story. The ending really touched me as well, the last four lines were wonderful. One thing that occurred to me, was to wonder what this would be like with bossa nova music ha hahah I am probably crazy, but you did mention it at the beginning. :-)
    I hope more will come soon, you have a great talent, which youi have to cultivate (along wiht all your other tasks!!). Keep writing and enjoying my comments!! :-)

  3. I have been thinking of your poetry and writing you a comment quite a bit this week. In part cause it has been so long. The last one was almost one month ago (I checked... and gave myself a fright, by seeing that I had written 12 comments for Desaparafusada hahahah Bad me!!! Or good me!!!).
    You and your poetry have been on my mind for another reason. A week ago one of the most famous Irish poets (and nobel prize winner, Seamus Heaney, died)There has been major coverage in Ireland of his funeral - and in England as well. In fact, some English newspapers have been attacking him (mainly for political reasons as he was born in Northern Ireland..but regarded himself as Irish and definitely not British). Loads of people have been quoting him on facebook. I like some of his poems, but.... there is something about his poetry which does not appeal to me (this seems to be heresy at the moment hahahah). I have actually often though of him when writing comments on your work. Although his poetry is very good, it does not, with a few exceptions, really involve me, move me... to the contrary of your poems, which move me and to which I cam relate. His work is elegant and polished, but maybe it is too controlled, too polished... unlike yours which touches me immensely... (I can now imagine you reading this, seeing that I am comparing you with a noble prize winning poet, and saying I prefer your poetry... you are probably laughing!!! :-)But it is true. You have talent, such talent... I have told you that too often (sorry!!). You write from your heart, and from your battle with your demons and fears. Yet you do this in a way that is universal and magical!
    Anyway, hopefully you'll soon be putting more here! It has been too long... Keep writing (soon) I miss your poetry and contos!