segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2012


ei, chérie
você aí
abraçada nos lençois
desprendidos da cama
toda encolhida
com as lágrimas caminhando len-ta-men-te
pelos olhos, nariz, bochechas, boca

cheira o pano
puxa forte o aroma
dos nossos corpos misturados
de ontem à noite
puxa como o drogado puxa a droga
querendo eternalizar aquele entrelaçado
repassando cada cena
do nosso balé-ufc da noite passada
sua cocaína

e já nem sabe se sente medo ou não
se gosta ou se já adora
já nem tem a opção de optar entre
se entregar ou não
sua posição aí nessa cama já te denuncia
de lado, abraçada aos joelhos, embaralhada entre os lençoís
você acha que eu não sei?
nem precisava das lágrimas pra te sacar, chérie

enquanto isso,
to indo deitar por aqui
sem muito drama
(essa parte deixamos pra você)
mas confesso
que to com o corpo ainda formigando de você
dos pés à cabeça
opa, e as idéias também

durma bem, chérie
e até breve

5 comentários:

  1. It was a lovely surprise to discover a new poem this morning! I have missed your poems a lot - and as I said I had a feeling there was a poem coming (and hopefully there´ll be more).
    About the poem, I loved it (do I even need to say that anymore? :-) It is a good poem, related to desparafusada... and like a good poem it left me with lots of questions for you.. or what big question, what happened? :-) Maybe I am being nosey. However, there are things in it that made me nervous.. or uneasy. You can probably guess what they are! This is something new in your poetry, and from a poetical sense, good.. when poetry makes the reader uneasy, it is a good sign. You write really good confessional poetry, as I have told you, and as I hope you know by now... but you have a great ability to make your personal experience universal.. here I think it is related to feeling too much for someone, knowing there is something not quite right, some flaw, (your balé-ufc...) but at the same time, needing the other person desperately (almost like a drug).
    It is a great poem indeed! I know it is related to desparafusada (and is almost a s good), but it has left me with the desire to read the next part of the story :-) Keep writing!!!

  2. I am going to send another comment... ha haha This is something not just related to this poem, but your poetry in general. A while ago, I was reading one of your poems, a little while before I had been reading about that book Fifty Shades of Grey (and women´s erotic writing in general). What i was reading said that that book is really badly written... so it occured to me, that you could write something much better.. and maybe get rich in the meantime ha ahha Seriously, I love your poetry, but the little contos you write are really good as well. Have you ever considered a novel? I think one day you should, and I know it would be good!!! :-)

  3. It was only today I noticed you had written cherie (and not cher, which I imagined) My French is getting rusty, or maybe I am too tired :-) ha ha hah I still love the poem! I´m looking forward to more soon, I hope!

  4. Olá amiga,
    Tonight I am writing more for me than for you. I am going crazy with this translation (made worse by the baby suddenly entering into a phase of throwign fits all the time.. There are days when I think what happened to me last week will happen again - but worse. So to calm myself down, I am reading you poetry (and loving it, and feeling better ha aha).
    Actually while reading it a funny thought occured to me. I know you like In Therapy and the Brazilian version (and the Israeli original??w hah aha) Have you seen the new series on HBO called Girls? I have seen one episode, and I liked it a lot - there is soemthing in it, a way of looking at life, of talking about sex, of being brutally honest about oneself, of being independent, of laughing at oneself, (and maybe most importantly of being intelligent [sometimes I feel very alientated from the rest of mankind, but I like intelligent women, it is something essential for me.. sera que estou ferrada?? :-( Back to what I was saying, I could really see you writing (in poems and prose) a Brazilian version of this show... or is this just me going crazy, since it is 3 in the morning and I am working ha hahah I hope not!!!!
    Keep writing my friend!! (and if you have time read my stuff, the blogg and what I sent to you directly) :-)

  5. I hadn´t realised I had already made four comments on this poem!! Bad me!! :-) Actually I have been feeling like making a comment for a while, but I have been busy :-( However, tonight I saw in teh Guardian a report about a poetry prize, and clicking on the links, I came across this review of a poetry book. The work looks interesting (and the author has been nominated for the prize). There is a poem in the review, which I quite like.
    I am telling you this because... for two reasons. The first, is that I think your work is a good as hers. Your poetry can stand up to any other poet. Second, this is a little harder to explain. I liked the poem I read, but there was somethign emotional missing.. I find this in your poery (and yes, I am biased.. but..) you write poetry with an open heart. It is not clever poetry playing with words, with clever ryhyms and following a certain meter. It is confessional and emotional, and touches me, and I can relate to it... reading about this prize, teh TS Eliot prize, i could not say that about many of those nominated!!
    Ok, that is enough of me the poetry critic ha hahahah
    Keep writing... (and I will too, very, very soon)