terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2012


sinto como se meus ossos
tivessem sido
com chumbo

é que o peso da vida
tem me
bem mais do que o habitual

talvez o meu genitor
aquele cara grisalho nos
poucos fios de cabelo que
lhe restam
bem esteja certo
eu nunca esteja satisfeita
- a palavra não faz parte
do meu vocabulário 

mas não deixo de me perguntar
se eu deveria mesmo

a custo de que, genitor?
de me acomodar
e me adestrar a encontrar
satisfação e realização com
meios e ocasionais
sorrisos, danças,
canções e orgasmos?

eu gosto de vento na cara
de gente, de pele
de terra, de bicho
de solidão, de mim
de tudo em dose alta, bem forte

- capricha na pimenta, garçon
e pode trazer a caipi com bastante vodka

é isso que me move, que me mantém

3 comentários:

  1. Another good poem.. and more on the way :-)
    As usual I liked it, though it is a bit sadder than usual. Often there is sadness in your poems, but in a light way, you comment and laugh at yourself to reduce the sadness. Not in this poem, the sadness pours out of yourself. You are questioning/doubting yourself too much.. though you affirm yourself at the end. It sounds as if you are chosing a path - not an easy path - the path of being true to yourself. It is hard to follow, but it is one you have to follow, otherwise no matter how you try, you will never been happy, even though you will have occasional dances, laughs, smiles and orgasms..:-) Following your own path, despite the pain and lonlieness, is better... Despite what your genitor (I like the way you use the word) says, you are satisifed with many things - dissatisfied as well, but that is part of what you (and I) are - you refuse to accept things that others accept, refuse to be satisfied with banal things. You have a much higher goal, (and you will get it). In the end, you will find real and longer laughs, dances, smiles (and yes orgasms.. :-)
    So keep dancing with the wind, with your lonlieness, with your muse, keep writing, keep dreaming.. keep having lots of pepper (I adore too).. Keep being you my friend!

  2. These three poems you wrote in July which (in my view) are all kind of connected - I am not talking about Tania, but the other three, there is a common thread to them - are really some of your best ever. Re-reading them now, they really strike me, move me, excite me, affect me in many ways.. that is the sign of good poetry. It is interesting to look at the many poems you have put here (and some of the others you sent me) to see how you have changed as a poet and as an artist. I know writing poetry is not something you do to publish, or become famous, it is more important than that, it is part of your essence. It is something you do to survive, to breath, to make sense of this crazy world. (Well, that is how I see it, maybe I am completely crazy, but I think and hope not). Still, you have a real gift, real talent. I enjoy reading your poems so much (and seeing into your mind and dreams..), but you know that already :-) Keep writing always!! Keeping beleiving in your talent - and in yourself, and don´t be satisifed with little things, you were born to fly!!

  3. First of all, a happy poetical birthday.. though I am not just writing this cause of your birthday, for my own sanity. I am almost finshed the last of my big translation, and the last one has nearly killed me, all about religion (and viriginity and things like this "Para que não nos aconteça como às virgens loucas, que não foram admitidas às núpcias e se lhes fechou a porta"... (yes, this was in a big religious book... they sound like those people you told me about in UERJ (the anal ones ha haha ha). So I am taking a quick break, re-reading one or two poems, and writing a little note for my sanity (not sanctity ha haha).
    It occured to be we never talked about this poem. I really liked it. One of these days, I want to hear something about it.
    Hopefully, sometime soon you´ll write some more. I really miss reading your poetry. You have such a talent, such a talent...
    Now, back to my religion and virgins ha haha