terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2011


me olha,
me sente,
me invade de um jeito
que meu peito aperta,
e as lágrimas,
ainda que contrariadas,
você me lê de um jeito..
e então estamos bem novamente
e você entende
o que com palavras não posso explicar

3 comentários:

  1. A short love poem, part of your new style, your new inspiration??
    I like it, it is a mix of a love poem and the more confessional/open poems you usually write, opening yourself, your feelings to the world - and explaining what you feel very well, though you say you can't at the end :-)
    Keep writing

  2. It has been far too long since you put a new poem here, since I put a comment here, (and even more so, since we talked). This is all making me sad... So I am cheering myself up by reading your poems and finding new things in them, new beauty and new meanings. You have such talent.... as i have told you many times (too many times? maybe you dont beleive me any more :-( I hope not... I know you are without time, but I hope that your muse (me in a way ha hahah) is still working, encouraging your to write, so although you dont have the time to write here, in your mind new poems are forming!!!

  3. Tonight I really feel like leaving a comment, two comments actually. First, I miss your poetry (and your other forms of writing), hopefully in a couple of weeks, you'll get the time to write. Second, I have been wanting to write this for some days, I have said it before, but now when I am about to write it down, I feel kind of silly (maybe it is cause I am exhausted). I just wanted to tell you that your poetry is amazing, really amazing. I read lots and lots of poetry (in English and Portuguese, and sometimes Spanish and French), I am very discriminating/fussy in what I like. I have also read lots of good poetry, but yours is up there with the best, you are as good as anyone. I hope you believe in your talent as much as I do. Never forget or doubt it, no matter what.. Keep writing, keep being amazing :-)