sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

encore une fois

através dos seus olhos,
que me abrem um horizonte novo
a cada encontro,
eu me redescubro

e aí você me traz um espelho
e me mostra mais um pedacinho de mim,
antes desconhecido

e eu transbordo de amor
encore une fois

porque você me percebe
e porque em você eu tenho alguém,
somos juntos
e o nosso entrelaçado é de alma

Um comentário:

  1. I really like this poem, it is very sweet and honest. It is short but says something that can be hard to say - and about something which can unfortunately be rare, to meet a real friend, a soul mate, knowing that sometimes you and the other person are linked - maybe even linked beyond this world. (I also think that sometimes when you travel, or go to another country for a long time, you can meet more people like this, maybe because when you are in a different country, you can break away from the mesmices which can jail us in, imprison us. Travelling can make you free - and also a little lost, but that is good, a little lost is definitely very good.
    Reading this again - and from what you told me about this - although it is kind of about one person, I read it as being about more than just one.. I imagine that several people are in there (including I hope myself.. without trying to sound too conceited).
    Keep writing