domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2013

cravo, canela et finesse

não é gabriela,
mas é quase
e também sou cravo e canela
mas com uma pitada
de finesse
au même temps,
un peu à la française

saio enfeitando o meu mundo
com vários tons de vermelho
ora pintando os muros
e sambando nas esquinas
ora tomando um vin rouge
e ouvindo um jazzinho
bem apropriado

o que eu não gosto é de cinza
- nenhum dos cinquenta tons -
pra mim, existe o vermelho, o preto e o branco
et ça suffit

3 comentários:

  1. Two in one day!!! And he fifth this year. Your new productity is making me happy. This is your declaration of independence poem I think!! Or at least the declaration of you being you! :-) I´m glad you are none of the 50 tones of grey (but I have to admit, I missed the joke the first time I read.. bad me). You could write a much better version of the book I´m sure. This poem is a little different than usual, it is short and sassy, but it is still good! Keep writing

  2. I miss your poems!! I just felt like saying that. Hopefully when you get back to Lyon, you´ll have time to write more... :-)I wish you lots of inspiration!!! :-)

  3. Bon nuite (or bon jour)..
    I came accross this tonight,it is a link to the poem which has won a really presigious poetry competition in the UK. Read it and tell me what you think of it. It is a good poem, but for me - and this is my problem with a lot of so-called good poetry, it is too much technique and lacking in passion, in soemthing that moves me. Compare it with you poetry, what do you think? I honestly think that you write as well as this, if not better... maaybe next year you should enter ha hahaha there is a 5000 pound prize. :-)
    Keep writing my friend, keep writing..
    ps my keyboard is going crazy, the shift key doesnt work well and i cant put in exclamation marks anymore :-(