sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

louquinha, louquinha

seus olhos
me infiltram
me secam
me adentram
e me tomam de um jeito

que saio pelo salão
quase possuída
num rodopio sem fim
rasgando minhas vestes
esfeitiçada por uma loucura gostosa

acompanhando o som da música ao fundo
eu giro
bagunço meus cabelos
perco um pé no outro
uma mão, na outra
um movimento nos demais..
eu giro, giro e giro
até ficar tonta
to-da ton-ta

e aí, enfim,
me jogo no chão
me derrubo
e rio te encarando

e você
vem se chegando
e se aconchegando
nesse salão gigante e só nosso
deita juntinho, quentinho
me dá um sorriso de volta
e me lança apenas um
"oi, bom dia"
denunciando quão louca
você pensa que sou..

2 comentários:

  1. It was a great surprise to find this poem. I really liked it. Tomorrow I will leave a better comment - I am exhausted now and keep falling asleep in front of the computer!!!
    The images you create in the poem are interesting, to say the least, intriguing. I think I would like to see you like this.. ha ha ha
    Tomorrow I will write more, now I have to sleep.. I am sleeping actually :-( Keep writing, I want to read MORE!!! :-)

  2. Tonight I will write a proper comment on this one. :-)
    My first thought on reading this was whether this scene actually imagined... followed by wondering what you actually did! It is a good poem about a funny/embarassing moment (or moments). Actually, this is rare for your poems, but I had difficulty understanding parts when I read it (maybe it is a sign of how tired I am these days.. blame it on fatherhood, or just by sheer chance in one verse you used a few words I didn´t understand ha ha haha
    Adding to what I said in the comment I left earlier today, you are very good at describing emotions, feelings, moods, and small events, things that happened. That is a real poet`s gift, being able to take an almost mundane, boring, stupid event, and make it into something special, almost magical.. Not many poets have this gift. Many are too intellectual, or too concerned with their words, producing something arty, clever, but lacking in emotion and feeling (actually I would say the same for music as well...) You have this gift, and I hope you know it (I think you do). In addition, you can take these moments, make them magical, and also universal, so your readers can enter your poems, your thoughts.... Be proud, real proud, of your poetry :-)