segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2011


e o inverno se anuncia
com a chegada desse vento frio
que atravessa minhas roupas,
minha pele,
minha alma
e me congela por inteira..

permaneço inerte,
aguardando obediente,
quase amedrontada,
os seus ventos gelados
e tudo que estes vão levar com eles..

minh'alma o saluta
com aquela timidez que é quase medo,
bem típica de mim..

3 comentários:

  1. A new poem.. at last.. yeah!!!! And it is one about winter, just a few days before I go to Europe and face those winds blowing from the Atlantic or the Artic and which can cut right through you... they are good for thinking and for poetry though!!! I was going to ask you for a poem for my birthday, but I want a warmer one ha haha :-) I really liked this (as always). I think the metaphor is very beautiful, it is something I can really relate to and remember. It made me shiver when I was reading it - that is the sign of a good poem!!! I am intrigued by the last very, especially the timidex que e quase medo, bem tipica de mim.. I want to talk to you about this... some day we will get the chance!! Hopefully, this is a sign more poems are coming. Keep writing, keep using your talent :-)

  2. It's funny the last poem you wrote is called geada and in the next few days I am going to see a lot of it. The Irish winter is quite mild, but there is always a lot frost (geada) and lots of wind that really bites through you (and into your soul :-) I have been re-reading your poems recently, not very much, the last two weeks have been chaotic, utterly chaotic, (I didnt even have time to get myself a birthday present ha ha ha) but now and then. I like rereading them, cause as I have said to you before, I always find new things in them, like this one, it made me think of winters past - and wonder and shiver about what I will face over the next few weeks. Also I have told you, you have great talent. (That sounds like I am about to dar uma bronca, ha ha, I´m not. I know you have been busy... I hope though that your crazy time is over or coming to an end (and that you have passed all the exams, so over the next weeks I will get a few surprises! When you do post them, let me know... so I can comment. Most importantly, keep writing, - using your talent and writing about everything, even things that may seem to personal, too close, or to scary.. It is good for you, and good for poetry!

  3. I have been wanting to post this for a few days, but it is so hard to find the time. Little babies (and 10 year olds) really eat up your time ha ha ha. I wanted to essentially wish you a happy poetic new year and wish you success in writing lots more new poems this year (when you find the time. More than that, I wanted to tell you again, how great I find your poetry. You have a real talent, and you have to use it. Now you dont have time, I understand, but I hope that you are at least having some good ideas. In addition, reading this blog over the last year has been very important for me, very special, it has made me feel privileged. Thank you for that privilege - and your poems. I want more... :-) I hope my comments in some way help, even encourage you, as I know writing can me lonely, even frightening. There were other things I wanted to say, but the baby is waiting, so I will leave you in suspence!! :-)